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Saturday, December 1, 2012

tolong bagi gred Mr. English saye!

oke everybody!because next week and the forward next week,i will have a oral examination with my subject,guess what?for subject ATAP(Accounting Theory and Practices).so,i should and very2 should be pro in speaking English. oohhh mai!my lecturer very fluent for their English,and even study in that class,i felt that i'm at oversea right now. hyperbola. sorry to say.actually,my English is very very worse in the world. you know y?because when i still in secondary school, i'm not interested in English class. but even im interesting right now,i still can't catch up all phase and word for being good in English. y?y?i don't know how to improve, even certain lyric and pronounce for the song i can follow for the same rhythm.

oke!i think so many correction should be address there. anyone can help me?oowh! it will be embarrassed me so much. but for improve my Mr English, i will thanks to you a lot.oke.wish me luck for oral examination.

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H.A.N.I.S said...

ok je adhy~ heeeeeee :)